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Fall Happenings….

   I'm immersing myself more and more in my creative journey...more and more into exploring feltmaking and dyeing in my own way...exercising consciousness through the process and the artistic impetus within each method....Stretching into new ideas and finding my way into my full creative potential.... playing with words that have meaning in relation to the [...]

Small Things

  It's been busy, busy in the studio the last few weeks....and maybe more busy in my head as I clear house and make way to fulfill my destiny (doesn't that sound grand! It just popped into my head.....You could also read.... solidify my Fall/Winter/Spring creative calendar....Shuffle the deck to create an order that allows [...]

Summer Colours-July

So it's not quite tomorrow, as in when I said I was going to post the finished pictures of these.....but taking into account summer time, island time and Fiona time...I'm feeling pretty happy to be only a day out! The dye pot called for a bright poppy.....a blend of orange and pink....that I can only [...]

Catching up….

 Oh My! I've been in and out of town....preparing for gallery shows, preparing for fiber trade shows, preparing for studio visitors.....a summer whirlwind of wool and colour....   But now I'm back....and not going to any more (far away) shows until late September, so I can settle in to an island summer, regular studio hours [...]

Sculptural Scarves

This summer I'm exploring ways to incorporate as much three dimensional texture as possible into my work. It such a fun experiment...I love that I can be making items to sell, while playing..... These experiments often involve trips to the hardware store...hardware and building materials seem a good combination with feltmaking! And lead to some [...]

New Purses

I really love this new dye pattern....I'm seeing it on one whole collection...purses, scarves, jackets...I so want to make the jacket!  I'll be selling these all summer at the studio, and this winter at the shows....  These are all made with Blue Faced Leicester rovings...all in white then dyed after....Beautiful leather straps added. It was [...]

Pure Potentiality

  I need to order a large amount of wool for the studio this summer...mostly for getting ready for the One of A Kind show this November. I've been trying to decide exactly what wool to get, then came across a solution... a smaller order...a sampling of wool breeds to experiment with before making the [...]

touching life….

 A day of family...rather than fibre....    The weather here has been glorious, so I've been making an extra effort to get out with my sons and enjoy some moments.... They are so big- all as tall as me....but we all love a day at the beach...it's like a nervine tonic...regenerating the rough edges.....  The [...]

What to do today….

  This morning I dropped Graham off at the Fulford ferry...he's heading back to Ottawa for the funeral of a very close and loved family member...It'll be good for him to have some time there with his mother....and it was sad for me to watch the ferry leave...I let the wind blow me around for [...]

Felt Floor

    This is a project we worked on a while ago...another collaboration of wood and wool....   Felt flooring in our living room..... It was such a great, exciting experiment....The idea jumped into view while Graham and I were on the ferry from Vancouver island to Salt Spring one day....one of those jumping up [...]

Felt Armour

  Luckily for me, I had a board meeting to go to yesterday which got me out of the house, into the great bright, white outdoors early in the morning. I needed that reminder to stop working and get outside....  So later in the day we went down to Fulford, to the beach....visited the petroglyph, [...]

Bold and Dramatic…

Ahhhh...First Felt of 2012 is finished....I'm so happy with the results....It feels like a just the right starting point and direction to head in for this year. My peacock blue plans ventured into inky midnights...  My red (to be purple) mini pocket disappeared into the depths-The purple becoming barely discernible but the pocket is still [...]

First Felt 2012

First Felt...isn't that a glorious notion? The other night was movie night here, and I was not that into it, so I ventured outside into the darkness and illuminated my studio....What a refreshing time. I never think to go out there in the evenings......usually by then I'm pretty tired anyway. But it was delightful. To [...]

Studio Time

Hmmmm.... just not quite how I was expecting it!  Today is my birthday, and my grand plans included felting myself a jacket. At least getting it laid out and started, and I had my sons all ready to help me out with the rolling as a partial birthday gift! BUT! On November 24th, my studio [...]

Happy Holidays!

  I just got a box in the mail this week from my Mother back in the east.  I had no idea what it might be, maybe some early presents for the boys.  I opened it up and read her note...and cried. It's a good thing-by the way! It's not that it says so much, [...]

felt experiments

I have been  working, working, working in the studio recently, and will fill you in on all the details but in an effort to get back into the swing of things here, a few playful pictures of one of today's projects: Using different breeds of sheeps wool in balls and layers to create this awesome [...]

Uplifting Gifts…

  I just received a package in the mail...a lovely package sent for no particular occasion...just to make me feel happy! What a great surprise and a truly uplifting package it is..both because of the potential of the materials inside and also because of the sweet intention of the sender... my felt friend Heather WoolLove. [...]

Peace Dove 11-11-2011

This is a project of time and meditation...an idea that sprang into being and had to be made..and although not in accordance to the timing anticipated, maybe the right timing in it's own way. This is my PeaceFelt project. I was completely set to start making this on September 23rd, to be mailed on the [...]

Indigo Shibori at Maiwa Symposium

  I 've just returned from my mystery trip! And what an adventure it was! I had two events to attend- The Green Festival in Los Angeles with Living Crafts magazine and then an Indigo Shibori Workshop at Maiwa in Vancouver.   I don't have any pictures from my time in LA, unfortunately. We did [...]

Eco Dyeing October 2011

Hi all,  It's been ages since I've been felting, and I have so many projects I want to get to- lots of woolly experimentation coming soon...... as soon as I get back from a little trip (fibery work trip-yay!) that I'm going on on Thursday. That's all a little ephemeral and dreamlike...a big adventure...and so [...]

Wool Breed Experiments-East Friesian Wool

 I had a lovely visit in the studio this week with local artist, Laura Kiel. She works in both ceramics and felt and will be teaching some felt making at a local school. She came by for some ideas and to make some things together. It was wonderful to meet her, make some felt, chat [...]

A tale of two scarves

  I had my first studio visitors a few weeks ago. The studio is still not finished, but that is another story, and Eva and her friends were very keen to come by...It was so delightful to have people come to my own space, talk to them a little about what I do, show them [...]