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Wooly Headed….

  I've been having quite the misadventure during the last few weeks since my full moon indigo dyeing post!   I was gearing up, finishing the studio, to be ready to open my space for October 1st. For an Open Studio, Community Felting event, and to celebrate Felt United. Such plans...long lists...and lots of work [...]

Full Moon Indigo Dyeing

  For at least a month, maybe two, I've been holding the idea of Full Moon Indigo resist dyeing. Somehow indigo and the moon feel connected...is it in the colours of the night, turning cloth from moon white to evening sky blue? The lunar relationship to water and tides, and the necessity of water for [...]

Studio Floor-finished!

  Creating this dedicated workspace to make it as inviting, comfortable and inspiring as possible has been a wonderful challenge! It is becoming a space where I want to spend every available minute, and invite others to spend time with me here, also!  This is a corner (back right) that has me a bit confused...it [...]

Flag Folding and Dyeing Scarves

  I dyed this scarf using the traditional flag fold. I don't yet have pictures of how to make these folds, but I think I'll do some this week and add them here.   I folded the scarves in half along the length and folded them up in triangular sections.  First dip was into the [...]

Accordian Folding and Dyeing Felt Scarves

  I started out with one idea on the new felt scarves I am making...but ended up going somewhere completely different! Those initial design ideas will incubate for a few days, while I work on this new direction!   I started by felting a superfine merino fiber into silk habotai scarves. The fiber is so [...]

Felting, felting, felting today!

Yay! I'm back to work at my felting table- altough it is outside of my studio, and not in it! I love my new floors so much, I'm reluctant to move anything inside! Today I'm finishing some orders for wool lights... I love these...wool and lighting in combination is so warm and enchanting.  I have [...]

Flying Felties Tutorial at Living Crafts

We enjoyed chatting, playing and creating with some young visitors this summer. It was such a pleasure to have some little people around, and their parents! One day we made these Flying Felties together, an easy to make felt toy that my sons all loved to use years ago (and still did this summer!).    The [...]

Studio Colours

Wow! We're almost finished rebuilding the studio!  This looks a little messy, as it's still very much a construction site and has not been all prettied up. I'll do before and after session once we are truly "after"! The ceilings are whitewashed exposed rafters. The floors are just 3/4 inch ply wood...simple and inexpensive, and [...]

Living Crafts Magazine/Kattikloo Giveaway

  Last year I designed a wedding shawl for the spring issue of Living Crafts magazine. It is such a special project. The shawl is knit in two halves, with the families of the bride and groom each knitting a side, which is then joined with an entwined lace centre panel.   A Living Crafts [...]

Summertime Roadside Attractions

I love taking some time to as I drive from place to place, errand to errand, to observe a prevalent feeling or observation during the journey. This weeks meanderings ventures into pinks...the predominent roadside color these days here on the island. I parked and walked and snapped photos and observed...just taking a few minutes, in [...]

Wool Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone! I just used the random number generator at Random.org and the winner is..... Number 10! And that would be Ronnie in Australia from Homemade Happy!  Please send me an email, Ronnie, with your mailing address and the wool play pack will soon be winging its way to you!  Thank you all again for [...]

wool share!

I received the most wonderful package in the mail yesterday!  I entered a giveaway on Heather WoolLove's blog, Wool Love- functional fiber art. Heather is a marvelous feltmaker and very sweet person. I'm so enjoying getting to know her! She was giving away some of her handspun yarn, and I won some-Yay! And now it's [...]

one year ago today…

  I spend a lot of time sorting through pictures on my laptop...they get stored in a really odd way....day, month, year, which makes it hard to find things sometimes...but with 3 years of photos to go through,  lately I've been having fun with this. Looking at this day, last year, the year before...where was [...]

Dreaming of…Walled Gardens

This is...oh...was (recently sold) walled garden of a good friend.  I had never really spent time in one before...and they truly are magical spaces. The mass of the stone blocks out the rest of the world....except for whatever is living within the walls...and this takes on a special life...the scents are more fragrant...the conversations more [...]

Traveller Scarves

 We have visitors coming who we met while in New Zealand....way back when...It'll be so lovely to reconnect with them, and of course their visit takes us back to places shared when our children were small.... and all these thoughts led to these scarves in a subconscious way.  I started with making two simple nuno [...]

More Storytelling Scarves…

  This week held lots of felting frustration, and sore tired upper arms...lots of smelly raw wool..exciting ideas and exhaustion...but that is not for todays chat!  Just some simple dyeing...and felting....   Silk habotai eco printed with these stunning St John's Wort flowers we have growing everywhere on our property, onion skins I've been saving...and [...]


  Oh! What a gorgeous and sunny and lovely day.  A great day for dyeing lots of local merino wool rovings....I'm just going to post the pictures today...soak up the sunshine and colour! Yum! I feel some sweet and soft children's projects coming on!  Mmmmmmm...I feel fibre nourished already today! These are all available in [...]

Monday Inspirations 11

  Or...Monday Inspiration 1 revisited!   It has been an invaluable experience for me to write to Monday inspirations series. It has given me a record of material to draw on for my own work and in reflecting last week on how sometimes I am not looking for new inspirations, I came to a better [...]

This week in the felting shed…

  Oh Yay! It's Thursday afternoon, before a holiday Friday, and my felt making for ArtCraft is all complete for the week! My wool felt storytelling bags like these... ...have been selling really well (as well as the scarves and earrings) at the summer show I'm taking part in, so I needed to get some [...]

Monday Inspirations 10

I haven't written one these for a while. Some days I am just not that inspired. Some days I just need to finish (or start) the list....make food for the family...maintain peace with a house full of three adolescent boys.... I always make things, and love doing it....I sometimes just can't see past the day [...]

Nuno Felt Dress

 Last week I needed to find something to wear to the opening night of ArtCraft. I was imagining finding something cottony and simple at the local thrift shop that I would felt into. Then I saw an image of a lovely felt dress made by Linda Borkamo, and knew this was just what I wanted [...]

Yard Sale Treasures1

  This weekend I went out to my first yard sales on Salt Spring Island, on a delightfully guided tour with my friend, Amy Melious. I haven't done much yard saleing since my sons were small. Maybe because we've been building houses, and traveling, so hardly ever had anywhere to store anything and items brought [...]

Evergreen Felt Houses

 This week I finished up some pieces for donation to the Evergreen Independent School in Cobble Hill.   It was so fun making the little home for a gnome! I first made these to sell last fall, and never got any pictures taken of them. Probably because I made them while camping, out in the [...]

Salt Spring Island Story Scarves

  It's been a super busy few weeks...I should really just stop saying that...as it seems to be perpetual! I am working on my time management and work vs relaxation balances!   Three articles for Living Crafts complete, application submitted for ArtCraft, lovely visit with my Mother in Law, completion of a new knitting pattern [...]

Salt Spring Island Dye Walk 1

  This has been a weekend full of activity (already!). Social time, new classes and studio openings. Planning, organizing, drawing and thinking. Hill walking, garden walking and beach walking. We are finally waking up to the longer days and feeling their potential to be out and active well into the evening hours.   Yesterday I [...]

76 Children

  I had a great time last week visiting the Evergreen Independent School.  I spent a full day there, working with one of the parents, Andrea, teaching 76 children how to make felt. Oh ya!  It was a little wild and a little exhilarating!  We had the day very well planned, with the classes organized [...]

Gratitude Gifts

In 2011 I aspire to make one gift a month for someone special; for a maker in my life that makes for others and may not always receive handmade, and/or for someone who gives willingly, without a thought or expectation. For March, I made for a friend of many years. Jenny Walker is a talented [...]

Anemone Felt Scarf

  I was inspired by my tidal pool walk on Monday and found I had both some new fibre on hand plus some free time to just play with felting.  When I bought the beautiful sea colour blend cashmere at FibresWest, I knew I wanted to felt a cowl with it. Teaching the surface design [...]

Monday Inspirations 9

 Today it's all about Anemones. Yes, those little sea creatures whose name, once you can say it, is just so fun to say, you have to repeat it!  They are so soft and delicate- flowers of the tidal pools.  The colours within them are so interesting. The predominant ones here, on the edges of this [...]


  We're back! And Ohhhh! We had so much fibre fun! Well, I should only speak for myself really, but Graham did have a good time talking wool with the ladies while I was teaching my classes, and the boys were so helpful, setting up and taking down displays, making hangtags, doing emergency woodwork, and [...]