Project Description

The ups and downs in life come to mind in this Peaks and Valleys Felting Challenge. Felt pieces like life also have their ups and downs, their highs and their lows and feelings are reflected in the work. Not too ironic that it is called FELT. My felted garments are reversible and can be worn in a multitude of ways from inside out to upside down given the mood and feeling of the wearer. I create my pieces organically and let them evolve as they may once I get started with my basic design concept. I see where the piece takes me as far as color and texture, where deep craters and holes are needed and where I can climb on cords and vines to make my way uphill. Sometimes I need to dig deep and other times I’m rising on a crest but creating balance both in life and in my felting projects is something I always strive to achieve.

Beth Marx


beth marx 5

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