Helga Yaillen

I assemble felt as a second skin which connects the inner workings of the body and soul with the peaks and valleys of life.

Helga Yaillen


Helga Yaillen2

Jennifer Osborn

Inspired the paper wasp nest, a structure of extremes and beauty. When imagined in the context of peaks and valleys I get the impression of isolation and separation. But whiten a closed structure, such as the wasp’s, nest peaks and valleys can be comforting, inclusive, and safe. I will explore this more.

Jennifer Osborn

Sally Parkinson -Seascape

I wanted to capture the diametrically opposed elements of the sea – felt representing the malleability, softness and embracing qualities and glass highlighting the strength, rigidity and power of the ocean. These elements are eternally entwined. Corriedale and merino.

Sally Parkinson

sally parkinson 2

Tonya Vance

For this challenge I limited myself to only black and white and experimented with creating a vessel with both horizontal and vertical elements symbolizing that rising to the top is never a straight line.

Tonya Vance


Susan Lime : The Lost and Found Heart

The heart is spiked on the outside, with a secret inner color. It’s reversible! I found a doodle that I drew last Valentine’s Day, of a spiked heart being held by a hand and then the words, “not lost…but found”. My son wants to cut off the spikes (he cried I wouldn’t let him). My […]

Donna Stockdale : Spring

Our spring is so short – when the sun returns to the shore, the plants respond with energetic enthusiasm and burst out and up almost overnight. I uses a Finn wool base and lots of layers of merino prefelt and roving for the grasses, leaves and blossoms.

Donna Stockdale

donna stockdale [...]
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Sonia McLellan : The Coral Sea

The Coral Sea is the theme in my head this Spring as I am collaborating with a friend in an outdoor installation for our local arts trail. The piece is only softly felted as I want to give the impression of looking through water. I used merino, silk, beads, & stitching.

Sonia MacLellan

Solanyela Ekstrom

As we rise and transform,
deep down our soul flows
keeping us for collapsing… Majesty.

Romney 30-32micron, Merino 20-19micron, Corriedale 27micron,Black 29micron wool.
17×11 inches.

Solanyela Ekstrom

Solen Heulo 2

Sally Parkinson : Bondi

My inspiration came from the aftermath of a storm at Bondi Beach in which the surrounding areas were totally covered with sand and there was an eerie quietness – the coastline, the lapping waves and the sun were all there, but subdued. Merino wool.

Sally Parkinson

sally parkinson 3

Rosie Dittmann

It is an interpretation of the view out my window. I live on a river, in the woods, with a lot of cedar trees.
I layered colors of green, and did some cut outs in the trees, as well as needle felted some textured yarn to add depth. The stones at the bottom used the technique […]

Pat Moore

My inspiration was a picture of a coral reef and from that I created my own under the sea world.

Pat Moore

Marni Pershke

My inspiration came from thinking about how we choose to reveal ourselves to others (and the consequences of those revelations) which creates the peaks and valleys of our lives.

Marni Pershke

Lesa Steffens Patanis

I wanted to capture in the peaks and valley challenge that emotions can run high low and sometimes in circles but trusting in our selves we see the higher power of what we can become and achieve.

Lesa Steffens Patanis


Katy Delau : Watershed

Peaks and valleys are so present in my life, especially this year. In my piece, I wanted to illustrate the snow melting up high and the big run-off of water nourishing everything below it. This is a metaphor of what is happening in my life…Winter was a time of big reflection, garnering strength, gathering courage […]

Kathy Forzley

This is a vessel I created that is reminiscent of a mossy forest floor (valleys) and includes several of the techniques we learned in Surface Design Online. I have stitched additional stones on the surface to enhance the piece.

Kathy Forzley

Kathy Forzley 2a


Juliane Gorman


While I wanted to make a hat that reflected the sometime extreme Peaks & Valleys of my emotions, I instead made a more literal interpretation of the theme. The undulations of the waves of the sea, as they move up and down. Additionally, the color, shape and function of […]

Jolanta Michalska : On the Road

The first thought that comes to my mind is a journey – a Life Journey. We travel from one major peak in our life to the next, and every minor one in between. As in life, the road is hardly ever straight. It has its peaks, curves and a lot in between. Which makes […]

Jane Dolan

My Peaks and Valleys wallhanging has no right way up. I like it hanging length ways but others like it horizontal. Like life’s peaks and valleys everyone has there own and their own way of viewing them. Merino with a touch of silk in the colours.

Jane Dolan

jane [...]
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Jan Durham

My Peaks and Valleys piece started out as a sampler of such but turned into a story. I wanted to incorporate several techniques and then those techniques came to fruition in the form of the life stages of a dragonfly. The larva of a dragonfly spends years underwater waiting to hatch. The technique felt lace […]

Helen MacRitchie

The peaks and valleys of our lives can be represented by the areas of light and shadow in this piece. Without both features there would be no tonal contrast to give beauty to the illumination. Without suffering the lows in our life, we would not fully appreciate the highs that can be experienced.

Helen MacRitchie

Eva Helgesson

When making felt I like colour and structure to have an organic trace, to resemble nature in some way.
Stone has always fascinated me. I’ve painted it on doors and furniture and it’s what I often bring back from a journey. My grandfather was a stone cutter and as a child I spent a lot of […]

Emilia Ponomarev

I made this necklace as my Peaks and valleys Challenge Project. It can easily be a necklace, turn into the belt, or  something different. The beads with the hole inside can move along the rope, always with the potential for change. Hopefully our life is pure white and long (ropes), but there are always some […]

Deb Koester : Transformation

“Transformation” has the feeling of being constantly on the move. There is no one focal point. It depends where you are looking if it is a peak or valley, a beginning or an end, a high or low.

Deb Koesters

Deb Koester 1a

Deb Koester [...]
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Carmen Ditzler

This is a small scale version of a shroud that I am planning. The theme of peaks and valleys for me brought up the journey of life and how many valleys and peaks and bumps and detours we go through. How sometimes we want valleys and they’re great and sometime we head for peaks that […]

Beth Marx : Light

The ups and downs in life come to mind in this Peaks and Valleys Felting Challenge. Felt pieces like life also have their ups and downs, their highs and their lows and feelings are reflected in the work. Not too ironic that it is called FELT. My felted garments are reversible and can be worn […]

Beth Marx – Shadow

The ups and downs in life come to mind in this Peaks and Valleys Felting Challenge. Felt pieces like life also have their ups and downs, their highs and their lows and feelings are reflected in the work. Not too ironic that it is called FELT. My felted garments are reversible and can be worn […]

Barb Matousek : Sisyphus and the Rock

“In Greek mythology Sisyphus was a king of Ephyra (now known as Corinth). He was punished for chronic deceitfulness by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, repeating this action forever.”

I was thinking about Sisyphus and his rock and decided that variation one would be […]

Barb Matousek : Waves

My ups and downs became soft waves as I attempted to be purposeful about the design. Made using prefelt and silk habotai.

“The wave is the signature of every experience of life. By understanding the nature of waves and their characteristics, and applying that understanding to our lives, we can navigate life with a little more […]

Angela McEwan- Folds and Craters

The Little Berets are a direct interpretation of techniques creating folds and craters.

angela mcewan 1

Sue Smorthwaite

My first thoughts on the theme “Peaks and Valleys” conjured up large scale dramatic landscapes, but while on holiday I was watching some tiny ants as they made their way up, over and around pebbles strewn between large paving stones set into a garden path. It got me thinking about scale, as the ants clambered […]