SHIFT travels to Vancouver

‘SHIFT’ includes oil paintings by visual
artist Barbra Edwards and sculptural feltmaking by fibre artist Fiona
Duthie. Both artists use local, natural materials and subject matter in
their work with a focus on texture, layers, and colour relationships.
Although the artists feel a deep artistic connection, their works are
produced autonomously in their respective studios on separate Gulf
Islands. In bringing their pieces together, the artists invite the
viewer to draw connections between the works and notice their mutual
Barbra Edwards
paintings use dialogue between form and line to interpret her view of
the environment on a cellular level. She explores sense of place and how
each of us sees things from our own perspective. Edwards cites the
natural environment as a major influence on her artwork, and her new
series is textured, with vibrant colours surrounded by calm, atmospheric
space. She lives and paints on Pender Island.
Fiona Duthie‘s
sculptural felt garments employ geological surfaces created through
fabric manipulation, stratified textiles and mapping imagery to explore
biography and individual perspective. There is a sense of movement in
each piece, inferring a geographical, emotional or mental shift. Fiona
Duthie is an internationally recognized feltmaker known for her dynamic
sculptural clothing and fibre artwork. Felting since 1996, Duthie has a
full-time studio practice based on Salt Spring Island.
July 8 – August 8, 2015
Artist talks: Sunday July 12, 2 p.m.
Reception: Sunday July 12, 3 p.m.
Seymour Art Gallery 
North Vancouver, BC