These last two weeks I’ve been making the last arrangements and samples for my 2014 classes, which will have a strong emphasis in surface design.  This is such an exciting topic, and my favourite theme for exploration in the studio. 
The spikes above are a new addition to the curriculum and one I love…sharp metallic gleamings in a landscape of soft, matte fibre.

 It is a challenge to fit in all the design elements covered in the course in a single piece. Just in the actual physicality of making it all fit, but also from the design aesthetic of having some cohesion and a beautiful finished project. These island samplers really do feel like maps of mythical worlds….

Surface Design book will be at the printers by the first week of February
(I shudder to say anything about this project after picking it up and
leaving it multiple times over the last two years…but this time- it is
for certain!) I’m finishing one chapter per week over the next two months…. I’m also building online classes that will be available
next spring.

 This was my 30 minute felt project for this week…playing with surfaces and resists….I think I’ll call it Territory.  A little soft and welcoming, a little threatening and unknown…a space to be navigated with attention.

Next year is coming together beautifully, with a nice mix of teaching, exhibitions and creative breathing spaces.  
Surface Design classes upcoming in Texas, Colorado (Full),  Vancouver, Salt Spring, Wisconsin, and Ontario so far…
A post is coming with all the dates, details and links….

Warm wishes,