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The next session of Composition in Feltmaking will begin on January 19, 2018.
Registration will open here on January 2, 2018.

The first week in the classroom is for introductions, materials discussion and a chance to familiarize yourself with the space.

Workshop Fee:  $195.00 USD

Composition in Feltmaking explores tools to create beautiful design in every project. These design tools explain the where and why we use a combination of colours and elements in a particular project to reach the most beautiful end result! For some people, design is just intuitive. They create dynamic, balanced layouts without knowing the theory behind their creative choices. If this doesn’t describe you, we can develop this sensibility by practising the design guidelines covered in this class. Working with this design theory can really help you to feel more satisfied with every felt project. It also gives you the language to describe your process, which is a great boost to your artistic confidence, and ability to talk about your work. This class is like a 6 week Art School for Feltmakers!

We start by creating a felt design board. This is a great tool for trying out colour combinations and designs.

Each week we cover 4 elements of design. As the foundation for all of our other composition decisions, having a strong relationship with colour is very important. We spend two weeks exploring colour- the first week delves into colour theory, and the second week explores exercises to develop our design interactions with colour theory.

This class includes very supportive and encouraging critiqueing.We don’t make any samples in this workshop, but explore ideas through fibre sketches, and each week you will make one new felt project based on the elements of design from that week.  This work can be posted in the online classroom.  I offer feedback on what is wonderful, and what you might do a little differently to create a more aesthetically pleasing overall design. We’ll review ways you can take your felt further, incorporating each week’s design theory.  The benefit of this process is that you work in whatever form of felt you most enjoy. It can be 2D landscape, felt bags, sculptural vessels, or nuno accessories or garments. The design principles are the same, regardless of what type of project you like to work on.  This process allows you to improve your design work while discovering and/or deepening your creative signature. Working with each week’s design elements and answering the questions prompted during the class, illuminates your own preferences and style.

You will end this course with a stronger understanding of design theory and the language of design, and a defined personal creative signature.


This is an intermediate level class-for those with some feltmaking experience. If you are a beginning feltmaker, work through my Introduction to Flat Feltmaking tutorial to become familiar with the materials and the techniques.

Week 1: Colour- Theory

designs boards; colour wheel; hue/value/intensity;  shades/tones/tints/mixtures,

Week 2: Colour-Interactions

relationships/contrasts; connecting with definitions; nature as designer; emotions and colour; your personal palette

Week 3: Studio Week

Week 4: Forms

subject- your strongest element; balance; dominance; harmony/repetition; rhythm/unity

Week 5: Lines

focal points; entrance/exit; observation patterns; movement; knowing when to stop!

Week 6: Studio Week

The class is six weeks long, with four teaching modules, and two studio weeks. The studio weeks give you time to catch up the theories and project making you may have missed and/or to take time to reflect on and integrate the new ideas more fully into your creative practice. We all have busy lives, and these studio weeks offer a little breathing space within the class, so you can get as much as possible from this workshop. I will continue to comment on online classroom postings during the studio weeks.

New material with 4 different elements of design will be available each Friday, with about 4-6 hours of student time recommended each week for design and feltmaking. You can decide when and how you work on each module. I answer questions and give comments throughout the 6 weeks of the course, in the online classroom, allowing all participating students to learn through one another’s projects.

This class material is sent to you in the form of a downloadable PDF, with clear text and lots of images. I include information on the design elements, plus samples of work that illustrate these elements.

Please do email Fiona if you have any questions about the class.

The materials list is available here.


Workshop Dates:

The next session of Composition in Feltmaking will begin on January 19, 2018.
Registration will open here on January 2, 2018.

The first week in the classroom is for introductions, materials discussion and a chance to familiarize yourself with the space.

Online teaching materials and resources are available to students for 6 months from the beginning of the class.

Workshop Fee:  $195.00 USD

If you have any questions about how these online classes work, try reading through the FAQ’s here.