More Storytelling Scarves…

  This week held lots of felting frustration, and sore tired upper arms…lots of smelly raw wool..exciting ideas and exhaustion…but that is not for todays chat! 
Just some simple dyeing…and felting….

  Silk habotai eco printed with these stunning St John’s Wort flowers we have growing everywhere on our property, onion skins I’ve been saving…and saving..and forgetting to use..until now! And a sprinkling of dianthus flowers I gathered on a dye walk….they produced the lovely soft purple colouring on the silk. I didn’t include any metals, as the plants are high in tannins and this works well as a mordant also.  I should have left this for longer…to steep…but had some deadlines to meet so production won over art! 
 This silk piece became these scarves….

  I tried using some gutta resists in copper on the silk before felting. I like the shimmer, and it holds really well both to over dyeing and felting…could be interesting…but I found it a bit hard to control..due to lack of experience…I haven’t done any fabric painting in 20 years , although at that time I made a range of clothing that was entirely hand painted… it didn’t all come back to me immediately!  Some of my copper lines looked bulky or smudgey…so the purple/red scarf got over dyed quite extensively….and then beaded to tone down, work over the coppery areas….highlighting them rather than hiding them…it worked out….but I’ll be leaving the resists alone for awhile until I can experiment more….
  I’m developing  a line of classes for the Fall, and using different textiles mediums in felting will be one of them….details coming in August!
  There..a little fibre chat….a little focus on some good things…and I feel much better! Thanks for that! I’ll show you my frustrating felts later this week…lots to learn from them….particularly, when tired, stop!
 Warm wishes,