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Surface Design in Feltmaking Online Workshop: Materials List

This is a complete list of everything we will be using. There is flexibility in the list- some items can be substituted, and the more you experiment, the more opportunity we have for discussion during the class. It looks like a lot of materials, but much of it you will probably already have in your studio/stash!

Please email me if you have any questions about any of the items, for sources and possible substitutions.

I’ve put a number in brackets behind each item to indicate the week in which it will be used, to help with timing your purchases. Particular materials (pros and cons) will be discussed in each teaching module and in the online classroom.

You may need additional materials for the last week and your independent project, depending on what you chose to make, but with the materials listed below, you should have enough surface embellishment materials.

Fibres and materials:

16 ounces/454grams total merino rovings in your colour selection (weeks:all)

This wool will be the main wool you use to create your samples.

2 ounces/60 grams coarse white wool like finnish, corriedale,icelandic (week 1)

2 ounces/60 grams coarse black/dark grey wool like finnish, corriedale, icelandic (week 1)

0.5 ounce/15 grams total- small amounts of merino wool roving in 5-6 contrasting colours including white and black (week 7)

0.5 ounce/15grams slow felting wool like east freisian, suffolk, romney (week 2)

0.5 ounce non sheep fibres, such as yak, cashmere, mohair (week 1)

0.5 ounce silk roving(top) (week 1)

0.50 metre/yard silk gauze or chiffon (3.0-4.5 momme) – in a colour from your chosen palette

0.50 metre/yard silk habotai/china silk/paj silk (5 momme)- in a colour from your chosen palette

small pieces silk fabrics- ranging from scrap pieces from 2inches (5cm)- 8inches(20cm) including dupioni, china, habotai,and gauze (weeks 1,2,4)

small pieces cotton fabrics- ranging from scrap pieces from 2inches(5cm)- 8inches(20cm) including lightweight sheer cottons like voile, gauze, and some quilting cottons (weeks 1,4)

6inches (15cm) squares or scrap pieces of the following:

cotton batting, non woven interfacing in a mid to heavy weight, tyvek (optional) (week 4)

8-10 inch (20-25m) square foam underlay (or foam from fruit wrapping/packing material) (bubble wrap or firm plastic sheeting can be substituted) (week 2,4)

3 flat glass gems, 3-4 silk coccoons (dyed will be best), 3 felt balls, (week 2)

(optional) 5-7 wooden or plastic beads between 1/2-1 inch (1-2.5cm) (week 2)

small amount sequins and seed beads (week 4)

4 x 12inch(30cm) prefelt squares, or one piece at least 4inches(10cm) plus a selection of smaller pieces (week 5)

small amount of pencil rovings (week 5)

10-15 yards(metres) sock or fingering weight yarn-not superwash (week 5,7)

Tools and Hardware

Bubble Wrap: 3 pieces each 12inches (30cm) square

natural dishsoap

bamboo sushi roller

doll needle (sharp sewing needle about 6inches long- an ordinary sewing needle will be fine, but these needles are ideal for shibori work)

good cotton thread- fine yarn for crochet is excellent

1 roll painters tape