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Composition in Feltmaking Online Workshop: Materials List

The list below covers all the materials to make your felt design board, plus the materials to use on this design board each week.

Each week you will make and post a new feltwork that you wish to discuss in regards to that week’s study topics. For these, you will need whatever materials are required, depending on what you chose to make. It’s very open ended and the value comes in employing the design concepts to the type of felting you most enjoy.

Your projects will all vary, depending on your particular interest in feltmaking, so I can’t offer a complete list of materials for this part of the class. We can talk about what you might need to work on a project you have in mind, during the class, in the online classroom, or email me ( to discuss your ideas for your projects in this class.

Fibres and materials:

4 ounces/120 grams white wool roving or batting, any breed

0.5 ounce/15grams, each in 12-16 colours, merino wool roving. Try to get as complete a colour palette as possible, including brights, pastels, neutrals. Have on hand 8 ounces/225grams  total.

 0.5 ounce/15grams, each in white and black,  merino wool roving.