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A Blustery Fall Review

 Now that my most busy season ever is drawing to a close, it feels like a good time to catch up and review the events of this fall. Better to have done so as things came and went but I couldn’t quite get a grasp on them as they blew past.

Of course the fall started […]

Phosphorescense- A Felt United Day Installation

 Phosphorescence. It is an ethereal natural process….light emitted by plankton on our shores and in our waters….Inspired by the Felt United theme of water, this installation was excited into being, in a process that developed as naturally as the illumination of the plankton as we walk on the beach or paddle in the water….quiet, peaceful, […]

30 Minute Felt Project: Brachyura

These 30 minute felt projects are an
opportunity to come to the creative table with no expectations- just a
short intensive, mind-wide-open exploration…It can be easy as a
craftsperson to get stuck in a productions mindset, and this is an exercise
to give ourselves permission to play within our medium. This is not
about creating […]

Family Visits….

 We have just had some precious visitors that we just do not see often
enough. My sister in law and my lovely nieces and nephew came to stay
for a few days….on their way to a wedding in Vancouver…Mostly we
visited the beaches, and ate blackberries and bounced on the
trampoline….and chatted endlessly…all good summerly […]

New Work Outside-Pollination

 This week the time was right to make a new outside feltwork for my display area down by the road.
  I wanted to play with shadows, layers of felt, and lace cutwork.  I imagined the types of flowers created in kirigami, while not trying to replicate that style…more beginning with that in mind and then […]

felt::feutre artwork

  As many of you will know, felt::feutre has been my big undertaking for this year….It is a fabulous and awesome project….and mammoth!  I work on the felt::feutre project at least 2-3 hours a day most days…there are so many components…and all of these components are what will come together in the last week of […]

From Vessel to Light

As I was working on yesterdays 30 Minute Felt Project, I kept thinking about about felt lighting and how interesting this piece might be turned into a lampshade.

I love felt in lighting. There is nothing so soft, warm and inviting as the way light travels through the wool fibres.  I have made many pieces , […]

30 Minute Felt Project- Stacked Vessels

These 30 minute felt projects are an opportunity to come to the creative table with no expectations- just a short intensive, mind-wide-open exploration…It can be easy as a craftsperson to get stuck in productions ruts, and this is an exercise to give ourselves permission to play within our medium. This is not about creating felt […]

The week of unfinished objects….

I did a quick tour of the studio today to compile a list of projects started in the last two weeks that are are waiting for finishing touches….It’s quite a list!  
As of July 1st, I had absolutely not one piece of feltwork left in studio. I haven’t been able to switch my sign to “open” […]

30 Minute Felt Project- The Mountain Vessel

Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing a new studio game…..15 minute felt projects.  Just once a week, as an opportunity to approach design work with a blank mental slate, no commitments to outcome and sense of fun experimentation.  This is actually the third of these projects…..the mountain vessel….

  It’s so easy to head […]

Red Textures

 I am having a delicious stretch into new work….making pieces for the felt::feutre exhibition….It is so delightful to work out ideas without too much time pressure; just exploring pure creativity.

This is a technique that I teach in my Surface Design class….using slow felting wools to create nodules….and in this case, worked on a foam resist […]

Trickster Tales

Last week was the last week in our Storytelling and Arts day in the studio. This was a weekly series of classes I have been running since the early Fall. So much fun! What a sweet, talented, and creative group of children!

In our Spring session we studied Trickster Tales, and we explored these through storytelling, […]

Immersion Multi Colour Dyeing

  I get a lot of emails/messages with questions about techniques and ideas, and sometimes it takes me a really long time to answer them….Usually because I want to answer thoroughly and have difficulty setting aside the time to do so. I thought I’d answer some of your questions here, as the information may […]

Celestial Jacket 2

The finished jacket….as I mentioned, it had been going into the reds and ochres, but on the day I dyed it, it just had to become blues and greens…. 

  Felting, drying, stitching, fulling, then dyeing….then I added the finishing stitches.  Layers of intention.  I used some lovely fine silk yarn in gold, but the predominant […]

Celestial Jacket 1

 This coat made it’s first appearance in my sketchbook early in the year. Once I had opneed up some creative time this week, it positioned itself determinedly in the forefront of my attentions, allowing for no distraction.
 It is a felt jacket, created all in one piece, with lots of surface texture in the form of […]

Spring Holiday Camp

The week after getting back from FibresWest, I hosted two fibre art camps for children in the studio.

It was great fun, and such a pleasure to share my passion for fibres with enthusiastic young people and get to know some of the island’s children a little better. They are just so sweet….and sometimes left […]

Kattikloo @ FibresWest

As usual, it’s been a very busy few weeks!

I’ve rebranded my handyed yarn and fibre company, Kattikloo, all ready for FibresWest in Vancouver last week.  I still have to make all the website changes and load up the shop, now that I’m back…but it still feels like a major accomplishment to have gotten this far!

I […]

Bark Cowl

On every walk, I fall behind the rest of my family, camera in hand taking pictures of grasses, barks, water, frost, colours….whatever catches my eye… The images live in my hard drives…my computer and my mind, until they are ready to come to life in a new form.

 This cowl, and surfacing pattern is derived from […]

Upcoming Workshops at FibresWest

Nui Shibori Scarves- Creating Texture with
Felting Yarns on Silk:Shibori is a Japanese textile art form that has
come to mean cloth that has been bound or compressed. This is
accomplished through  stitching, clamping, knotting or folding, then
processed through  dyeing or heating to add a new […]

Joomchi Felt Cowl

  This is a really special project. Made for a very dear friend for her 50th birthday.  The inner layer of felt holds 50 pockets.  One for each year….Some of the pockets hold little tokens that reflect an element of her life…like three beads- one for each child….these inner pockets are reminiscent of healed wounds, […]

New Year – New Projects

  It is a bright, new, shiny year…and it is going to be fabulous! So far every day has been filled with excitement, momentum and pure pleasure! And lots of work…but in the best possible way.
  I have launched a new project: felt :: feutre- a celebration of feltmaking in Canada. I wanted to find […]

A November Dye Walk

Foxglove Farm was the location of the Salt Spring Fall Felting retreat; one with a an abundance of wonderful plant materials to chose from for the eco-dyeing segment of the dyeing day of the retreat. 
The participants made some absolutely gorgeous eco-prints on silk. I didn’t have a chance to make one during the retreat time, […]

Golden in the (Felt) Garden

 Wow. What a golden month it has been….gold in colour and experience.  This was our shimmery lake view from the cottage in Quebec where the first Fall felting retreat was hosted.

  Oh so busy, and the busier things are here, the less I write about it all….I know others manage to keep it all going- […]

Joomchi Felt Reflections

This is my most recent in the series of scarves/wearables I’ve been making, inspired by the Korean art of Joomchi- a paper art form and process.  The exploration has culminated in pieces that hold three aspects of surface

design…all of which have a basis in geology…. a relationship between rock and water….Erosion and the forms it […]

Sea Constellations

  The last two weeks have been the most delicious, intense, creative times…My cousins/kindred spirits have been visiting from New Zealand. Family that I have only met a handful of times, often with a decade in between visits, but who travel with me always and close by!  While Erica was creating at the Global Mural […]

Joomchi Felting 2

  Felting with resists to create interesting surfaces….an exploration in materials…I’m enjoying tossing around in my head the language of another craft, Joomchi,  while exploring this feltwork…the making of pockets….

 Using different materials to create bubble and pockets….tyvek, high thread count quilting cottons, woven interfacing, non woven interfacings, cotton battings…..I stretched a layer of silk habotai […]

Inspired by Joomchi

  I recently came across two books…images on the covers that stopped my steps and set my heart beating a little faster….
Yesterday’s studio inspiration came from Joomchi and Beyond by Jiyoung Chung.

 It is an enticing craft form….similar to felting, but also different.   I love finding a medium new to me, and letting the inspiration trickle […]

SaltSpring Island Fall Felting Retreat

Foxglove Farm, SaltSpring Island, British Columbia


October 19/20/21st, 2012  10:00am-4:00pm + evenings


The British Columbia retreat will be hosted at the very beautiful and charming Foxglove Farm.
The farm is located on one of the original homesteads on the island,
surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected forest and agricultural
fields, bordering Maxwell Lake. An idyllic, inspiring […]

New Felt Market Bag

The day started out with this…a blank canvas…perfect white simplicity…..ready for some colour play…Two layers of blue faced leicester, then two layers of Finn…BFL on the inside for a soft hand as you reach in and Finn on the outside for more durability. The finished texture is very nice….an inside pocket, metal rings felted directly […]

Fall Felting Retreat- October 12-14th, 2012

 The dates and details are set for a relaxing, revitilizing, energizing fall felting retreat – I am so looking forward to this event! 
The retreat will run on October 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2012.
All of the details are described below, including class descriptions, location, costs….please just contact me if you have any questions. 

Day 1: Dyeing for […]