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Felting Over the Edge :: Online is now FULL for 2017. This class will run again in January 2018.

Workshop Fee:  $195.00 USD

In feltmaking we give much attention our wool layouts, our forms and shapes, and our surface design and embellishment. Very little attention is given to the edges of our felt. This workshop explores a multitude of techniques to add excitement, visual interest and movement to the edges of your felt…These can be applied to scarves and wraps, garments on collars, cuffs and hems, bag flaps, wallhangings and vessels.

We explore 18 ideas from the classical, to the bold, to the whimsical.


This is an intermediate level class-for those with some feltmaking experience. If you are a beginning feltmaker, work through my Introduction to Flat Feltmaking tutorial to become familiar with the materials and the techniques.

The class is six weeks long and is delivered in one week modules, plus one studio week, for reviewing your work, catching up or exploring some of the materials already covered more deeply:

Week 1: Wool Edgings

Week 2: Nuno / Laminated Edgings

Week 3: Studio Week

Week 4: Loops, Locks and Balls

Week 5: Multiple Layered Edgings

Week 6: Individual Project

Each student will pick out the elements that they most want to explore further and integrate these surface design elements in a felt project like a scarf, bag, wall piece, sculpture.

New material will be available each Friday, with about 6 hours of student time recommended each week for design and feltmaking. You can decide when you work on each module. Work on one design element each day, or dedicate a day to work through the material all at once. I answer questions and give comments throughout the 6 weeks of the course in the online classroom, allowing all participating students to learn through one another’s projects.


Please do email Fiona if you have any questions about the class.

The materials list is available here.

Workshop Dates:

Felting Over the Edge will run again in January 2018. Registration information will be available here in early December 2017.  

I will be available in the online classroom, to answer questions and offer feedback on work, throughout the 6 weeks of the workshop.

Online teaching materials and resources are available to students for 6 months from the beginning of the class.

Workshop Fee:  $195.00 USD