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This session of Surface Design Online is now FULL!

The next session of Surface Design Online will begin in September 2018.
Details will be available here in July.

Workshop Fee:  $195.00 USD

Feltmaking is a fibre art form that allows for the greatest exploration of surface design within a single medium. This workshop is a study in many combinations of felting and surface design, each implemented at different times through the felting process. Layering different wool breeds for effect, Nuno quilting in silks and cottons, protrusions, spikes, shibori shaping, slashes and holes, carving, pencil rovings, prefelts, pockets, resists, inclusions, stitching during and after……

This is a very dynamic, explorative class- full of energy, ideas and inspiration. This workshop is for people interested in deepening their knowledge of fibres, learning new techniques to add to their craft or art practice, or those just wanting to have some fun exploring new ideas. We make a 6 x 6 inch sample for each new technique to build a fantastic resource library, or inspiration board and then implement these techniques in a finished felting project in the last week.

This is an intermediate level class-for those with some feltmaking experience. If you are a beginning feltmaker, work through my Introduction to Flat Feltmaking tutorial to become familiar with the materials and the techniques.

The class is eight weeks long and is delivered in one week modules for this session:

Week 1: Fibres and Surfaces

combining felting and non-felting fibres, shadowing, silks and cottons-quilting, folds and ripples

Week 2: Surface Resists

wool breeds, plastics and foams, craters, pockets, loops and bridges, gems and beads, tape

Week 3: Studio Week

Week 4: Nuno Felting Inclusions and Resists

Week 5: Wool and Prefelt Additions

prefelt, pencil rovings, yarns, spikes, cones, blossoms

Week 6: Studio Week

Week 7: Surface Alterations

holes, multilayered hills and ridges, carving, lace, shibori stitching and anemones

Week 8: Individual project

Each student will pick out the elements that they most want to explore further and integrate these surface design elements in a felt project like a scarf, bag, wall piece, sculpture.

Based on the recommendations of previous students, this class is now two weeks longer, with two built in studio weeks. These weeks give you time to catch up on any techniques and sample making you may have missed and/or to take time to reflect on and integrate the new techniques more fully into your creative practice. We all have busy lives, and these studio weeks offer a little breathing space within the class, so you can get as much as possible from this workshop. I will continue to comment on online classroom postings during the studio weeks.

New material will be available each Friday, with about 4-6 hours of student time recommended each week for design and feltmaking. You can decide when you work on each module. Work on one design element each day, or dedicate a day to work through the material all at once. I answer questions and give comments throughout the course on the private online classroom, allowing all participating students to learn through one another’s projects.


Please do email Fiona if you have any questions about the class.

The materials list is available here.

Workshop Dates:

This session of Surface Design Online is now FULL!

The nest session of Surface Design Online will begin in September 2018.
Details will be available here in July.

Online teaching materials and resources are available to students for 6 months from the beginning of the class. The PDF’s are yours forever.

Workshop Fee:  $195.00 USD

If you have any questions about how these online classes work, try reading through the FAQ’s here.