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The next Felt Illuminated  Online Workshop is open from September 15- November 15, 2017. 
Registration is now open here.

Workshop Fee: $95.00 USD

Warm, Soft, Comforting- everything we think of in wool- but with an edge when used in lighting design. The wool fibre patterns are accentuated through shading, unique to this combination of fibre and illumination. The learning challenges in this class are to measure and make resists to construct a 3-D felt form to exact finished dimensions and to create lightweight, structurally strong felt that illuminates beautifully …

This is an intermediate level class-for those with some feltmaking experience. If you are a beginning feltmaker, you can work through the Introduction to Feltmaking Tutorial to help you prepare for this workshop.

The class is delivered in three modules at the beginning of the workshop. The teaching materials are available to students in a PDF with lots of pictures and informative text. This material is available in the online classroom, where there are also support videos. The PDFs are yours forever. This course is open for you to work at your pace, and start the course at any time you wish during this session, from September 15- November 15, 2017.

Module 1: Wool breeds and surface design techniques for Felt Illumination. Sample making.

Module  2: Drum, Bell and Empire style shades with wire rings.

Module 3: Ball and Sculptural Form Lighting (with and without wire rings).

Students can expect to take 8-12 hours to work through all the class materials including making samples and a finished lampshade. If you decide to make more than one style of light, you can expect to spend about 4-6 hours per light.

Note: The main focus of this class is in exploring fibres for illumination and seamless feltmaking using resists. We do touch on some surface design elements but this is not covered in the teaching materials. If you want to take your feltmaking experience further, I suggest you take the Surface Design Online workshop before taking this class, and then apply some of those great techniques to this project. FeltIlluminatedCollage1 Please do email Fiona if you have any questions about the class. The materials list will be sent out with your registration confirmation. Approximate materials costs (before shipping): $25- $40.

Sources for materials are discussed in the materials list, which is sent out with your registration confirmation.

Workshop Dates:

The next Felt Illuminated Online Workshop is open from September 15- November 15, 2017.  Registration opens here on July 10.

Online teaching materials and resources are available to students for six months from the start of the class. Workshop PDF’s are yours forever.

Registration is now open here.