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Scholarship Opportunities :: felt :: feutre canada members

One of the roles of felt :: feutre canada is to create educational opportunities to encourage high standards in feltmaking, both artistically and technically.  This is something I strongly believe in supporting in my practice, and as president of felt :: feutre canada.  To further this goal, I am awarding 3 scholarships for online workshops to [...]

Works in Progress

For my artist in residency I had a very definite plan on what I would create. It was big and bold and very ambitious. All the characteristics I want in a new creative project. But when I arrived at the Booth, this plan had to be set aside for a multitude of reasons.

Northern Isles- Yell

Our next destination was the Island of Yell. This part of our travels was as much about people as place. We met with Shona Skinner at the Shetland Gallery, and Andy Ross at Global Yell, both in Sellafirth. I had recently been introduced, online, to Shona Skinner, artist and owner of the Shetland Gallery in Yell. Shona had just returned to Shetland after teaching at the Grampians Texture event in Hall's Gap, Australia, where I taught last year. It's a small and wonderful world!

Northern Isles- Unst

Last week included a visit to the northern Shetland islands of Yell and Unst, with visiting friend Cinnamon, and my cousin, Carol. Different work pieces aligned to make the full day trip possible. We went straight to Unst, planning to work our way down slowly. Unst is the most northerly inhabited island in the United Kingdom, with only 700 residents, it is rugged and remote. The island feels open, spacious and wild. Good for roaming and thinking.

Arriving in Shetland

For the month of April, I am artist in residence at the Booth in Scalloway in Shetland.  The building was constructed by the Scalloway Waterfront Trust in 2001 on the site of the oldest building in the village. It consists of a combined 'clean' working area and living space which is located on the [...]

First Felt 2017

First Felt...What will your first project be to begin your creative practice in 2017? My first felt for 2017 includes several elements that I love....it is a project with hidden messages, it is an exploration of an idea, it incorporates different fibre arts techniques and invites open ended thinking, and it is a gift [...]

First Felt 2016

First Felt...What will your first project be to begin your creative practice in 2016? On the first day of the year I try to include some small aspect of all the activities and attitudes that I want to bring into the new year.  It's also a wonderful way to approach the first creative project for [...]

Making Prefelt

Making your own prefelts is so easy- and opens up so many opportunities for playing with colors, fibers and textures. Try using two or three different colors in layers; using wool for one layer and then another fiber like alpaca or angora for the next; or making nuno prefelt with a layer of wool and [...]

Sea States

Recently, I heard blue water sailors discussing sea states. I was intrigued by the term and investigated the Beaufort scale. I love the idea of the sea having a recognized state of being. Water movements, air movements and waves in varying degrees of calm and violence. A beautiful and ancient metaphor for our psychological states, [...]